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At CBPD, we recognize the importance of competitive benefits and fair pay in attracting and retaining top talent. Our commitment to providing excellent compensation packages extends beyond mere acknowledgment of the demanding nature of policing; it’s a testament to our dedication to the well-being and satisfaction of our officers and their families. By investing in competitive benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, and wellness programs, we ensure that our officers are equipped to face the challenges of law enforcement with confidence and resilience. Join us, and be part of a team where your skills are valued, your contributions are recognized, and your future is secure.



      • Salary Range $30.17 to $47.17 per hour depending on experience
      • $10,000 Hiring Bonus (Lateral Certified Officers only)
      • 82% at 30 years state pension plan with deferred comp plan
      • Paid leave (2-5 weeks) plus 11 paid holidays per year
      • 32 hours of continual training each year
      • Eligible to transfer to speciality department after 3 years
      • Public Service Student loan forgiveness and tuition reimbursement
      • Call-back pay at 1 1/2 higher rate with guaranteed 2 1/2 hours minimum of overtime
      • Premium pay at 50% increase on designated Holiday days (Presidents Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve/Day, New Years Day)

Speciality pay incentives

  • Motorcycle Pay: One hour of pay at overtime rate for each regular duty shift when City motorcycle is used from April 1st to October 31st.
  • Field Training Officer (FTO): Two hours of pay at overtime rate for every regular shift worked during a one-year commitment period.
  • Hazardous Device Technicians: $25.00 bi-weekly compensation for certified technicians serving in that capacity.
  • K-9 Officers: 30 minutes of non-shift work time daily for caring for the animal assigned, compensated at seven hours pay bi-weekly.
  • Bi-lingual Pay: $25 bi-weekly for officers fluent in English and Spanish or English and American Sign Language.
  • Emergency Services Team (EST) Fitness Tests: Eight hours of wellness time per year for completing three quarterly physical fitness tests.
  • Crisis Negotiators and EST Stipend: $25.00 bi-weekly compensation for members serving in these capacities.
  • Rapid Deployment Team: Double-time rate compensation for on-duty employees responding to a deployment (excluding training time).


Join the Council Bluffs Police Department (CBPD) and dedicate yourself to advancing the wellbeing of our community and protecting the rights of all people.

Embark on a meaningful career with multiple opportunities for professional development and advancement. The CBPD family has openings and we promise to challenge you, rely on you, and take care of you.

Frequently asked Questions

The CBPD serves and protects the community of Council Bluffs, which comprises over 62,000 residents and businesses. It operates within the greater Omaha metro area, enforcing city, state, and federal traffic and criminal laws.
Yes, candidates must live within 60 miles (according to Google Maps) of the police department located at 1 Ezra Jackson Way, Council Bluffs, IA 51503.

Yes, officers have the opportunity to join the Fraternal Order of Police Union, specifically FOP Lodge 1

  • This phase includes a thorough background investigation covering criminal history, driving records, employment history, interviews with various individuals, and a polygraph exam to assess truthfulness.
  • Under investigation or indictment for a felony offense
  • Commission or admission of felony, aggravated misdemeanor, or crime involving moral turpitude
  • Conviction for a crime of domestic violence
  • Certain juvenile criminal behavior
  • Specific traffic violations
  • Failure to obtain a valid driver’s license upon appointment
  • Providing false information during the selection process
  • Involvement in the sale, manufacture, or transportation for sale of any scheduled drug or narcotic
  • Recent use or ingestion of scheduled drugs, narcotics, or steroids
  • Dishonorable discharge from any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Any offer of employment requires the candidate to sign an agreement for reimbursement of training expenses and cost of specialized personal equipment. This agreement stipulates that if a Police Officer voluntarily terminates employment within the first five years, they must reimburse the City on a pro-rata basis for certain costs as described in City policy 211:1, Termination of Employment.
  • Juvenile criminal behavior may be considered for disqualification, particularly if the offense involved serious injury to another, sexual assault, use of a deadly weapon, or if the applicant was tried and convicted as an adult for a felony committed as a juvenile.
  • The Physical Agility Examination is the first phase of testing, developed and mandated by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy. All candidates, except currently certified peace officers through the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy, are required to take this exam. The exam assesses candidates’ physical fitness, and only those who pass are eligible to proceed further in the testing process. The test consists of mile and half run, maximum pushups in a minute, and maximum sit-ups in a minute. Iowa Law Enforcement Academy used the Copper standards to evaluate the scores.
  • The Written Examination is the second phase of testing and is required by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy. Candidates are given a recommended amount of time to complete the exam, typically about 2 hours. All applicants must begin testing at the same time, and late arrivals are ineligible to participate. Candidates who score 70% or above on each section of the exam are eligible to proceed in the testing process.
  • Yes, candidates who are currently certified peace officers through the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy are not required to attend either the Physical Agility Examination or the Written Examination. Additionally, successful Stanard & Associates POST scores may be used in lieu of retesting for the Written Examination.
  • Traffic violations are generally excluded from disqualification, with specific exceptions such as DUI offenses within three years from the date of application and certain serious traffic violations within 24 months prior to the application.
  • Yes, bilingual officers receive an additional $25.00 per paycheck as compensation for their language skills.


At our core, we are committed to fostering a culture of community-driven policing, where the well-being of our community members stands as our utmost priority. With an unwavering focus on nurturing relationships built on trust, respect, and empathy, our department strives to provide quality service to all with a steadfast dedication to excellence.
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